Formed in Stirling, Scotland in early 1984 as a free form eggsperimental one piece playing McAcid House before anyone knew what it was called, fusing many eggclectic influences, including Can, Captain Beefheart, Fad Gadget, and Electro, into a uniquegg style - in retrospect a style way ahead of it's time

In 1985 saw two further members join, along with girls with whips, gallons of baby oil and a five foot paper-mache penis among other visual and performance props, and a foray into a more commercial musical direction with the first release in 1986 of the single "Circumstances" on Survival Records - basically a Hi-Energy variation along the theme of Donna Summers "I Feel Love".


From 1985-9 as dance music was turned on it's head by the emerging rave scene, EGEBAMYASI also underwent a musical epiphany after hearing the Sleezy D (Adonis / Marshall Jefferson / Derrick Harris ) track "I've Lost Control".

Juggling new styles, ideas and band members, and finally finding eggquilibrium as founder MR EGG went back to his roots utilising his beloved 303's losing the eggstreme props and continuing as solo performer.

Until 1999 EGEBAMYASI continued to thrive from their notoriety and a wealth of innovative record releases to pursue a punishing tour schedule across the clubs and festivals of UK and Europe, large and small.

Venues ranged from the Inverness Railway Club to main tour support for EAT STATIC on their European Tour, along with most of the infamous MEGADOGS. EGEBAMYASI and the eggbullient, not to mention eggcentric Mr Egg received substantial press coverage and acclaim throughout this period and was described on more than one occasion as "Moby On Steroids"

EGEBAMYASI have performed all over the U.K and Europegg with, and in many instances been supported by, the very top artists including Carl Cox, Marshall Jefferson, Cajmere, System 7, Mark Archer Altern 8. Eat Static, Gayle San, Gemini, Darren Emerson, Justin Robertson, Colin Faver, Robert Armani, 808 State, Joey Beltram, David Holmes, Andy Weatherall, Cabaret Voltaire, The Shamen, A Guy Called Gerald, Billy Nasty, Bam Bam ("Where's Your Child"), Fini-Tribe, The Stranglers, Speedy J, Autecher, Ritchie Hawtin, Dave Angel, Miss Yetti, Laurent Garnier, Robert Leiner, Derek May, Jeff Mills, Doc Martin, Billy Nasty, Twitch & Brainstorm, Pure, MC Kinky, Billy Bunter, Timo Maas, Trevor Riley, Alex Paterson, Vince Clarke, Arkanoid (Belgium), Ron Trent, Lenny Dee, Woody Mcbride (aka DJ ESP), Rob Acid, Mr Gasmask, Luke Vibert, Gemini, Grooverider, Doc Martin, Citric Acid as well as recording on Soma, Finiflex, Binary Bassline, It and Outland among many many others.


Major break came during a tour of Holland as EGEBAMYASI were spotted in the legendary "Milky Way" by Belgian label "Groove Kissing" resulting in the massively acclaimed " EBY EP" "Acid Indigestion Pts 1 & 2" - caned by just about every major DJ name at the time, and subsequently re-mixed and sampled by many, and still getting plays on Radio One today, 13 year later!


followed this success with a series of well received single releases such as "Pizzacid", "Acidnation", "Remont", "Store In A Cool Place" on a variety of labels, and two must-have albums from the era "How To Boil An Egg" and "Mother Goose" both of which received massive review and eggditorial column space in all the major UK magazines and many international journals and are generally considered in retrospect to be two of the finest examples of the acid genre .

Releases have proved popular inclusions on dance compilations appearing on no less than 12, including the must sought after MixMag series Vol 19, and Suck Me Plasma. OVOJOY!


The DISCEGGRAPHY for all you acidtrainspotters can be viewed here


Live Egg

Flemish Flanders, Belgium

Scrambled Egg